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TyBcom Online Admission


The Admission for 2012-13  has been started on 30th Jul, 2012 at 4.00 pm and would Continue till 31st Aug,2012. The admission would start again from 03rd September and would last till 18th Sep,2012 for students who missed to take admission before. However late fee of INR 150/-  would be apllicable for late Admission .

The Prospectus of  TYBcom having Details of Eligibility for admission and Subjects involved in Coures can be Downloaded from link below.

Prospectus TYBcom 2012(pdf)

How to Apply Online

 To apply for Admission Online. Follow the following Steps.

1. Click on the link given below  .

2. Select Program Bachelor of Commerce from Drop - down box.

3. Once Program is Selected a New Drop-down box would appear asking you to choose year. No need to say you have to choose Third year.

4. Read the instructions Carefully (also can be downloaded from above link) and Select Continue.A pop-up Saying, Yes i read the instructions would appear , Click OK

5.  A page mentioning few Eligibility details would appear along with Drop-down box beside. Select YES if you fulfill the eligibility criteria.

6. Once Selected A new Drop-down box asking whether you are Old IDOL student would appear.  Select YES or NO as per your Answer.

If Yes you will asked to select your Category. Select one you belong to. Then Select the Centre Convenient to you for examination. Select Language of Answer for papers. Also if Old IDOL Students for academic year 2011-12 enter PRN No provided to You

If NO  you will asked whether you are old student of University of Mumbai or Maharashtra State board, Select YES or NO as per your answer.If Yes you will see another Drop-down asking whether you attained any Course from other University. If Yes Select Your category and Other Options as asked. If NO you will asked about appication of Eligibilty Certificate. If Not applied, the Eligibility can be Download from  Link Given Below.

Eligibility Form TYBcom

Click on Continue.(For people who didn't have Submit the Eligibility form wont get option to Continue with Online admission).

7. Fill in the details asked in the Form. Check the Box I Accept (at the bottom of the form) and Click on Continue.

8. Once you Click on continue you would be see Your Application Number and also the fess which needs to be paid.  Make sure you make note of Application Number. 

9. At the bottom of the Application you would see a link to Upload template and Documents on the Your application.

10. Click on the link that says Click here for template . You would see a blank page which 3 boxes for photograph , signature and Thumb impression. Take print out of it paste your photograph and sign i the box given. Thumb impression is not needed in case of Signature.

11. Now Scan the print out on which you pasted your photograph and signed and save it on your computer. Click on Upload Template and Upload the Scanned Photo of the Template you have taken. Scan the Required Documents for admission and upload the same by clicking on Upload Documents. Make Sure You Upload the Scanned Photos of Original Documents and Not of their Photocopies.

12. Once you Upload the Template you would see two Options, One to Print and other to Proceed to pay, You can take print out of Your Application. Check all the details Entered before clicking on option to pay. 

13. It would give you options to pay via Bank or through Online Payment.
The payment Can be done Online through Credit/Debit Cards, Net Banking and Bank Challan from anybranch of Bank of Maharashtra is accepted.

  If you wish to pay online You can click on the option and make payment. It would direct you to your banks payment gateway.

For those who wish to make payment through bank can click on the option and deposit Cash in the Name of Mumbai University.

 14. For those who make payment online will get the Receipt instantly after making payment and The application Status would show Fees Paid.

15. Students should take two print-outs (One for Your Reference )of the Application once the Status Shows Paid and submit the same along with necessary documents to the Admission Centres.

The list of Admission Centres Can be downloaded Here

Students Should Carry their Original Documents along the same Upload on Application for reference when they Visit to Admission Centre. The Admission Centre However would keep only the Photocopies. Make Sure you carry two Photocopies of each document.

Once the Photocopies are submitted, the College would Put their Stamp on it which is an indication that the documents have been submitted by You. This Application needs to be Carried to Mumbai University to  Collect their Study Materials. Make sure you take photocopy of the Application (one with Stamp on it) when you visit the University. The study materials would be available in Room no : 05 A or 05B for TYBcom. Once the Study Materials are provided the Original Application would stay with you.  Make sure you don't lose it as there is no Identity Card would be provided for this Year and Your Application would be Considered your ID.

Hope This Post was Helpful to you. If You have any Query Kindly post your comments or Questions below.

(P.S : Questions should be related to TYBCOM course only in Mumbai University).

I wish you all Best of Luck.  

Thank You.



  1. how do i get my prn no.???i cant activate my e-suvidha ac as well...pls help

    1. Hi,
      PRN is sent to students through Email or Mob No registered on It is Permanent Registration Number given to students who have Registered themselves on is not compulsory for admission in IDOL but helps the Students to get information about the course online. One can Register himself only when he is First Year Student of Certain Course. If you didnt register yourself in First year there wont be any PRN number given to You. Do Not worry as i Said it is Not Necessary for Admission.

      About activation of e-suvidha a/c You can visit the website where you will get Option for Activation, However the link is down now due to some technical snags (as Usual).

  2. Hello,

    I've made payment through Internet Banking and it generated Blank receipt for me. Same amount of fees has been debited from my account and It shows fees as Unpaid. I've got message from bank after transacation on mobile phone.

    Please kindly adivise me what should be done in such cases?

    1. Hi,

      You would have received Payment Receipt while making Payment. Just Carry the same along with the Application to the Admission Centre. Not to worry if the Payment Status shows Unpaid. Your Application ID would be mentioned on Receipt as Transaction ID which proves you paid for that particular application.

      If you don have the Receipt then You can Contact Mahaonline on
      022-42187054/173 to get the same or you can mail them for Receipt on

    2. Thanks for the reply Ajay, There was some issue with the site when I made the payment...It gave me BLANK payment receipt. Transaction ID, Bank Reference No. n everything blank on it. Only at the bottom it said "Transaction Successful!" but However form on mahaonline said Fees Unpaid.

      I tried calling that helpline no for hours but its busy for most part and when it rings, no one picks up. I've attached Account Statement for that day which shows debited amount of fees. Which should prove I've made the payment right?

    3. They've accepted the form but it won't create any problems for my admission in future will it?

      Thanks a ton...I've been worried sick...

    4. Hi Tushar,

      There has been certain Cases where the Amount has been debited from the Account but the same did not reflect on the form. Usually the students have the Receipt or the application with Paid status to prove that the payment has been made unlike in your case.

      Do not worry as even the Bank statement in Such cases does hold the same Relevance. The only concern is it takes little longer for the Admission to be secured in such Conditions.
      Do check you mail registered on application as Mahaonline may send you a mail or an SMS if there is any discrepancy with Regards to your application.

      As i said do not worry as the Bank statement would serve the purpose. If you are still worried you can shoot a mail to if they do not respond to call

      If you face any complication even after submission do let me know. You are welcome

  3. Thank you so much for the help. You've eased my mind with all the clarifications. I can stop worrying and start paying attention to studies now.

  4. hi,
    dear sir i am in ahmedabad and it is not possible to come to mumbai and submit my document to the mu center,is there any other way to submit my doc to the center

  5. Hi,

    The Documents need to be submitted manually at the Admission Centres, However the good part is anyone on your behalf can submit the Documents at the Centres. So if you have anyone in Mumbai may be your relative or friend can do the needful for you.

  6. You are welcome.

    Let me tell you that the Required documents need to have your signature on it.So Make sure you sign on all the photocopies before any one submits on your behalf.



    1. Hi,
      The Helpline Number of Mahaonline is of no use.Even i personally tried calling on their number but got no help. I emailed at for assistance and Surprisingly I received a professional revert from them in 48 working hours. If you have any query you can mail them or post it on the blog and i would try to resolve or else can go to Mumbai University itself to get it sorted.

  8. Hi,
    I make the payment dual through debit card and challan because i am not received acknowledgement of online payment and form shows fees unpaid. i also make the inquiry in Mumbai university. They told me make the payment through challan and take the admission you will get the refund of online payment after giving application ID within 9-10 days.i done all precedure. but it complets 1 month still i am not get the refund.

  9. Hello i want to know that the hall ticket will available on e-suvidha a/c or it will be distributed in our respective college

  10. Hello Ajay,

    I want to appear for TY Bcom examinations for 2013. The submission is already closed. Is there a way i can appear for 2013.

    Also I had appeared for TY Bcom in year 2000 but could not clear it. I want to complete the graduation now.

    Please suggest.


  11. Even i got a blank receipt and tried calling the university online admission inquiry nos...... downloaded the receipt and also got an email from mahaonline.... now the thing is i havent got the application id ...... i have applied for october november 2013 for economics paper and made payment through net banking for which the transaction was succesfull and the amount has been debited but the problem is the receipt is totally blank and i havent got any application id with it except some E1400xxxx some no attached in the mail i got and that to in its subject.... i even tried that putting it in application id's place but no help so any suggestions............

  12. Similar situation here....i paid fees for online 2013....amount is deducted from my bank but its showing "payment not done yet" when i type the application form no.
    I can't download any receipt and don't know what to do..
    they don't pick up the reply when i emailed's really frustrating

  13. cant upload scanned copy even though the resolution and size is correct

  14. Dear sir, I submitted my part 2application form online in which I bymistakely submitted the wrong marks of part 1...I am not able to edit the form now..although I had not made the payment..please help me n suggest me what to do..?

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  16. hello sir how can i get my PRN No. the website is discontinued for other reason...